26 February 2008

Exquisite as the moth's fan sweep of air
In all dull planes, shimmering in circumspection's
Lack, did the stone kill New York City's daughter.
In her brief term's anteroom
Was the floor swept, the milk fetched.


backpakker said...

as beautiful as always..thanks for those kind words in my post..as I had written in my reply, Murphy from the land of laws has been visiting me and hence lots of thgs going wrong..however the one good thing is www.myts.in -the first step that I have taken towards my project..let me know what you think

mark said...

thanks Lakshmi for all your comments...the myts site is lovely, like esp the sound, as if at the oceanside

Joseph Duemer said...

Remarkable language & sweeping scene-making in so few words. Bravo.

mark said...

thanks Joseph.