30 June 2007

The lake isn't there in the silence.
Its mute reflections and shored tongues
Are carelessly small.
There is no god benignant receptor
To a moon's second reflection
In this engraced minimum.
Lake the sphere,
And duplicate the stars thereon:
Oh beauty! Glory to none.


After the storm
Its fretted ghost lingered--
Pre-memory of the season's turn.
And did her voice now gone
Shape still the familiar place,
New-stranged by some alchemy?

23 June 2007

The null view is a good start,
Bearing fruit of unrivaled
Lightness tasting of time.
The settling moon segmented
By distant constructs recalls
My hours' burdened artifice.
This space here has passed
Ungrasped yet qualitied
Why with the bitter anguish
Of constructed futures
Blighted by my seemed doing,
And mistimed calculation.

20 June 2007

Edgewise secret and serene
In oblique perception--
In the directed gaze,
Her cheekbone's beach stone rounded,
Deformed in laughter
Hid in the garden air,
Near lost in misapprehension.
In the space between the words
Speak the eye and gesture
With obedience single to none,
But unwrought signal to one.

13 June 2007


What luxury in an absence
Of sense a current Lethe
A mirror blank a memory
One minute's length.
In the unsanctuary the tincted air does not pass
Nor a drop grace a blade;
The sun's dusk-stilled
Light shadow-harnessed.
No event subtracted
No grief dislodged
But an absence of attachment
A self unshelled.

12 June 2007

Foreshortened death: the end as ever within the beginning,
Silently folding up the blanket from the corners
Whilst we toy with plates and corks.
Observe the spring sky: the green concert hall--
Hushed for one breath,
And two eternities in the pause.
For then we have gone
And the leafed strings and acorned oboes
Play to the clement air.

06 June 2007

From unmixed intention scattered consequence,
From one love, all,
And dislove returning.
Discretion's quality mirrored--
Autistic indirection--
Is a solipsist's gift.
In chance endeavors
Of promiscuous sentimentality,
The sequent edge cuts both.