06 February 2008

Your worst may seem defining,
As best is the common chance
That outlines with a random start
The alley or no-thru way.
The precision is the minus
Of a puzzle's cut-out blank.


Dick said...

Enigmatic & haunting, both.

mark said...

oh, thanks Dick...i'm following you about..

...deb said...

This is the kind of poem I must read over and over and want to read over and over.

mark said...

thank you deb

The Mama Bear said...

powerful, I agree you reread it and read it again because it twists you on a journey that haunts.

Penelope Anne
RWP @ http://cafeendofuniverse.blogspot.com/2008/02/read-write-poem-sacrifice.html

mark said...

thanks mama

Princess Haiku said...