27 April 2007

A sentence of swallows
In cursive,
On a skyline tablet.
What language is it
Knife-winged exigency?
Slip-knot, skated
Then, folded repose.

25 April 2007


There is about to be executed, for Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz, his dream of 1865, the great Dream that revolutionized chemistry and made the IG possible. So that the right material may find its way to the right dreamer, everyone, everything involved must be exactly in place in the pattern. It was nice of Jung to give us the idea of an ancestral pool in which everybody shares the same dream material. But how is it we are each visited as individuals, each by exactly and only what he needs? Doesn't that imply a switching path of some kind? a bureaucracy? Why shouldn't the IG go to seances? They ought to be quite at home with the bureaucracies of the other side. Kekule's dream here's being routed now past points which may arc through the silence, in bright reluctance to live inside the moving moment, an imperfect, a human light, over here interfering with the solemn binary decisions of these agents, who are now allowing the cosmic Serpent, in the violet splendor of its scales, shining that is definitely not human, to pass--without feeling, without wonder...Here, here's the rundown on Kekule's problem. Started out to become an architect, turned out instead to be one of the Atlantes of chemistry, most of the organic wing of that useful edifice bearing down on his head forever--not just under the aspect of IG, but of World, assuming that's a distinction you observe, heh, heh.

Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

21 April 2007

In the mind's evening
The old day's new patina'd
With habitual regret.
It's the clatter of memory,
Unsounding what is gone.
To pin a wave to a sea were easy--
To take a moment's beam long enough to reach bottom,
Fixed then in the running tide,
With just a splinter showing on the surface
To catch a bolt of sun.

17 April 2007


In an ivy-sunned and ivy-bricked
Learning longing wishful gray stoned
Bronx castle
I fell in love with a Chinese acrobat.
From nowhere with a raised limb and
A fingertip
Touching green colored light from the wrist--
Does she miss a lake or a yellow crow
Or morning rice and a village path?
Outside, the air, icy,
Has a distant tang.

12 April 2007


Feline motion isn't in it.
Nor loose, nor fluid; grace
Is a word.
The cat 's in his body and doesn't know it.
Sensorium and moment in wholeness--
The temporal knife's edge
Become a field fit for a life.
Paw, and talon, inhuman eye
Alien in the self-same place.

08 April 2007


On the moon, and other places
A handful of thoughts may suffice--
More if needed sleep in the silence
That inhabits them.
For in the desert corridor
Memory's sun is lost in the mote
Yet still the day is patterned on the dune.

Things are small
But complication yawns in emptiness
With specter limbs out-stretched--
Til I unfurl myself in the silence in the thought
Plucked from near at hand.

06 April 2007


Two women on the street corner
Saris fluttering--a pastel breeze.
I light a cigarette and draw
On their red lips, their brown skin,
Their dappled foreheads.
A disinterested observer
My would-be hand,
Caresses a pouting navel,