24 September 2012

Let no summation be made,
No accounting of air once breathed,
That accountless now stirs
A blade of grass in my idle eye.
She's gone.
Nothing does addition make to absence.

21 September 2012

The idea of order is
One sense at disjoint
With her sister.
One whose command's scope's
A mere measure of warrant;
The other makes measure to limitless suit,
To the idea of order.

14 September 2012

The pilot said to the sudden tree,
And annihilation: no, stop.
He'd thought of
Fluorescent light.
A consummation at a desk;
A continuance of one.
Breathe.  The future is never here.
The still tree must haste to kill.
No.  Stop.


08 September 2012

For instance an object,
The underside of a leaf in darkness,
Furnished with a voice;
This lamp-lit dailyness
Into signs translated:
The underside of a leaf,
Spear shape, shield, escutcheon,
And the solitude of one of many,
Ensymboled so
Is amazed in memory.

02 September 2012

Contiguous with what is there
Is every's view
Who'd see what is to see.
Neath every vaulted roof
And innocent sky lies the measure
Of one's contiguity.