20 September 2015


There is a plan without a house
And a sky without a vault,
Upon this morning's hour:
In a house without a plan,
When a sky that's touched the sun
Touches your finger on the sill.

10 September 2015


Unhoused by my father's death,
A generation gone,
In a steady rain roofless then
And still, when a voice in the street
Calls my name, and I enter 
His last years: what do I see now
That he saw then?  Unhoused
Are we both together.


06 September 2015



Assumed to be armed
And dangerous:
An individual; or dull,
Or wearily or amusingly
Incisive, a person known
To a coterie, to some, or few,
To the authorities, or none.
Many would make an audience,
And then where would you be?
Oh to be a message
In a multitudinous sea! 

02 September 2015

2579, (w/apologies to Knausgaard)

I thought to tell Linda
To go to damnation,
But first had to finish the souffle,
And the Brussels sprouts were just done.
Damn her for my suffering I thought,
Uncorking a Swedish Merlot;
And felt almost seared by my love for her.


28 August 2015


Upon a walk about the street,
About the complex borders
Of the bricks and flowers
I came upon a sky with moon,
And the moon was in the park.
And the moon was where it was,
In the park and in the sky
And placed me in my walk to myself,
From the center far offset,
Yet center somewhere else.