23 November 2014


Light wants darkness to have its breath,
Else it is too fine too draw.
It's organic:
Not of shadows being,
But by them defined,
As a thought's eclipse by circumstance.

11 October 2014


Death's counterpart is time
That measures without a movement,
Organic as breath.
My window on the world
Is a close prison,
A brief hour's view of infinity.

21 September 2014


A gust of my affection
Set a truer course in this sea
Swept by the same wind that sweeps me.
What paths lie in this fine-grained field
That from expectation alter?
The true's within this larger sphere
Whose father's my affection.

02 August 2014


The cat inhabits when she sits,
And what's withheld is in her eye.
What unsprung poise
Shivers the stillness of this gaze?
The bordered terrace of a dream
Bears the commission of her place
And person,
My envoy to what's before me.