21 November 2015


Reverence red with desire
For that lover's reciprocation,
That has no breath
Yet is breathed for this;
For in the longing is the consummation done
In your solitary,
And love's bitterness wants no partner.

01 November 2015


It's an improbable hour
When I realize where I am,
Not by this path nor that corner lit,
Nor under any sky,
But within a confine wrought
Myself upon my skin.
Yet as the sun that lesser angle makes
To impediments of its light
Am I by my longer shadow pulled,
And the path and the corner lit
And every sky there is,
Within this confine's brought.


10 October 2015


Suborned by death,
The small creature on the path
That yet trembled in my palm;
So finely complete
That I knew its grasp in mine.
Fellow traveler,
Entire embodiment,
To an ending entailed
We are by beginning.