29 July 2010

The sound of the storm
Does not bend the wind
Or crack the hearts of trees--
As the faith of ignorance,
A noise resultant merely--
So name your fetters freedom,
And cry your country honor:
The tree stands still, the air unmoved.

17 July 2010

In day is night pent,
Leashed to the shadows
Under tree or cloud
Or creviced redoubt--
Ever telling the whip's taut length
In parting and closing with its fellows
By the sun's hand,
Till the turning world slip word.

11 July 2010

The sun is strange to light the day,
Shadow to pattern walks,
Air as blue as eyes
To make a breath.
The arrangement, not condition,
No essence wants addition.

06 July 2010

Queen of herself,
Full vessel,
A formidable lady to love.
Scepter snap of a tongue,
In absence savored
By one in favor.
Come, lady,
Yourself unmastered
Masters me.