28 July 2007

Incapable of a thing in youth
And age incapable with words
And without.
Not through sundial need,
But desire forest-leaved
Ever fraction lit.
In the clearing is a space of earth and answering sky,
In rude mirror silent,


26 July 2007

Out the window my cigarette
Bodys the uncircumstanced air.
In the day stream--
The vagrant happenstance of 1st Ave--
A finger might be dipped, a still drop held there.
On your little porch, how the shadows
Set the ivy, just so.

22 July 2007

By my own motion did I secondly devise
An unlocking of best locked.
A fine-haired limb
Peremptory: be gone; serve.
In act three scene two
The car port was a square of sun.


17 July 2007

Incongruous today, local circumstance--
Intuition-slid and reason shown back
Unpatterned, self-broken.
In the arboretum the rooks looked but coldly upon me
Amid the indexed green;
"Pretender," they said, "shadow."
Next dawn will the horizon straight,
And the eaves pitch obedient,
In despite of the eye and through it, both.

10 July 2007

The complexity of this armature
In consonant surround,
Is desire and pain.
What easement found,
What addition to natured ambiguity,
In this love's shorthand?
A slightness in the ocean
Would help, a change in the weather
Of my character.

04 July 2007

Of somewhere. Of someone.
At the airport depot
The containers were moving off.
On a monitor: intertwinement
Unknot to fingers. Farewell.
Somewhere. Dislocation's isolate
State, in the sun's glare,
Disqualitied, whole to part.