27 June 2010

The broken bird
Did gyre in the grass
In gestured essence
For the road witheld.
It knew no brevity
Nor a thing amiss,
But the bondage of opened eyes,
Of earth and sky.

23 June 2010

In night there is a largeness
Between a breath and breathing,
Where a silence holds all sound,
A darkness all of sight,
And every waking thing
Is of sleep dimensioned:
Respiration's 2 A.M.
Still and spacious plenty.

13 June 2010

They know who they are
The bluejays, and attendance take
Peremptorily: here, here--
Defy my presence not
Worldling, this branch, this tree,
The very sky is mine.
I see your future in the clouds.

12 June 2010

A cocaine dusk of summer
Was pine-walled and roofed
And the cool needles
Brushed the skin from any distance
As the green had joined the air
With crisp speed to slow
The spring-tide of darkness.
Our half-shaped thoughts
Would round themselves in the sharing,
And laughter light the abyss:
We'd live forever.

06 June 2010



Nothing is required
But the violence of requirement
In a borrowed room
Muttered with flowers and vague faces
In perfumed shafts of dust
Reflection that choked the mechanism
Of a mantel clock and memory.