24 February 2010

Mona Lisa West
In Puget Sound environs
Wears modest shades perhaps.
The general greenish country cast
Has turned a scalloped blue.

Lips and brow and partial eye
Enigmatic still,
And silent as a thought uncanvassed.

[photo of: City Opera Thrift Shop, 23rd St, NYC]

18 February 2010

Your proleptic eye
Meeting mine visions
Labyrinths of idleness
Mending paths to fine centers
Where poems as hours
Conjure days not begun
And my point and period
Await sensation's claim.

05 February 2010

To murder thought with a breath
Is enlightenment:
A shout in the street without echo.
Nature perfected wants constraint to unfold,
And create this moment prologue to the next.