31 May 2008

They are shades now too soon
To ours;
If now be then and to come,
And soon, all moments.
Friend, glance, countered coin;
In easy continuance and forethought hour,
By past tomorrows jaded.
Meridian unmarked: that Sunday stone
And dune blade
In strange fellowship touched.


25 May 2008

Maria pale on the paler plains
That shipped a sail white on black
To the sky-bound eye
On Imbrium and Nectaris.
The scend of due gravity wove
A song, eye symphonic,
Solar wind for a tint of silence.


16 May 2008

The interpellant tree in silk congress
Convened: Stay this hour's execution.
Unseason our labor; dull
The present edge.
No. The parliment of day
Will procedure unpoint, petal
Carpet, frost, flower the field
Of all, in permanence motion-hearted.

10 May 2008

Full of language these motions retrograde
To love and interest justified.
Words and glyphs in a wood of sound
The hour month years pathed in misdirect
Precision. In single-leafed clouds
Unwhispered unspoken unheard
Is electric interiority,
Baffled in the dappleness
And cross-purposed signs of light.

05 May 2008


Queasy the switches and clavicord
Pank, violin swum, steel
Wheel gapped syncopate,
Yet smoothed to the silver narrows.
The train. Many tongued now,
Condense in short-hand depth,
De-natured enactment
Upon a strung and wooden o.