30 September 2008

No finite or measure
Nor quality of distance lies
In ghost memory shared.
A cramped potential once
Awaited to unfurl--
A single point, a fingertip
Sufficed to one from nought entire--
Tho now the key's withdrawn,
Its undimensioned image still
In a mutual space resides.

21 September 2008

As if the day were new
And the world within it,
Habited in welcome chance.
Intention's gloss was in the footnote
Of tree shadow,
In the draft and reveal of a subway grate,
In the reflection upon a square of glass.



15 September 2008

Bone religion in sap;
Punctus contra punctum:
A human song--
The drought-bleached armature,
The marrowed sun.

12 September 2008

Time's sleeve's cut to my length,
In one suit the first and last--
All measure in this fold's surmise,
And at that seam the heaven's edge.