19 December 2010

The quality of nature is not gained
Nor falls it from a heaven,
Nor borne nor housed,
Yet occupied and carried still,
Mirror and object alike of what is.
What's animal's in amber,
To sensation's largess bound
And golden in this fraction's potence,
Blooded with its heat.
Ungentle be false duality-
The pulse in in a thought-
Grant me peace my creature
Not yours to take,
But mine to surrender.

11 December 2010


Notion me a love
That like a moon I seem moving
Though her motion is the matter.
Nature's sleights are sound
As the roundness of orbits,
Yet emotions at angles feint
To course the ego's makeshift
Map of consequence.
Conjure me the spherical
Strangeness of a well round which
Imagined paths magnetic go,
And where, as figured
Not hocussed they may cross there we be,
One, one, a magnitude,
Imaginary too.

04 December 2010