30 July 2008

In the new conglomerate
The sun sits in cloud
White through the scales of gray
To the palisade grooved, curbed--
The sky in reduction
Shoot the city, hawk dive
Tuck, wide to close sped
Smooth gear slid--
From foreshortened towers shadow-webbed,
To full- frame prey,
And pause, upon a final disarray.


24 July 2008

Touching the night, fingertip
Recall day's clarifying
Impulse, the warm and
Sweep of light.
Take the memory,
In her's receding,
Save in lone night.

17 July 2008

The shadow's in the grackle in the tree shade
Dark in dark and shooting beams
From yellow eyes,
And spreading coolness thru in-feathered sparks of blue.
Open, beak, silence
In summer her silent gasp
And wings of shadow
Dark, and sun beyond.

11 July 2008

The jar tyranny of expectation, in ocean
Absence unpossessed of anything but the hour's false measure;
A tourette of hope and calamity
Become a wall in the sand to the water's edge.
We do not conclude. This is.


04 July 2008

Not to the manner writ
Nor figured in a realm aside to purpose set,
But a bespoke eye in the mirror unmet
In harried stillness, in arrested distraction.