30 April 2009

At the interstice is the fear
And joy spreading arms--
At the terminal's
Wide concourse marble
Volition breaks--
Undoing at this verge
The steady mask.

21 April 2009

In coral accrescence
A reef of years
From present motes unnoted done--
Til hours blue and weeks
Red and yellow in remembrance
Rigid stand;
Underwrote by shadow nows forgot,
All far about to eye amazed.

16 April 2009

Hazard's exfiltration
Of present from the past
Is the office of a moment
Who's duty's first is last.
Memory's a suitor
With proposals--to time--
Of selected emendation
To suit narrative's creation.
In memory I lie--
Its case indifferent show--
A symbol writ in water--
What's gone is what I grow.


09 April 2009

The seashell as condign artifact
Of a program fault:
You'd bent over its abstract
As your spine's curve
Whose calcited nodes were conversation once
To my weary head in a wooden room--
Now shell once scarfed in sand
And shadowless day
Is specimened in glass,
Imperfection's calculus unsubdued.

04 April 2009

The reality is singular it's the wind
And not the field's green wave of it--
Nor shape of cloud nor star but sky--
The dappled grass bends still,
In dark and light--
Nor time but future foregone--
Nor other word but your eye.