30 March 2009

In the shelter's
Alcoholic pigeon's draggled feather's
Jaunty bobbling--
In this post-meridian backlit sprig's
Counterswing to his parading march--
Is spring's flag, at once
Instant's hinge and swinging season's arc.

22 March 2009

Insomnia's edgeless hour
Weighs sun on eye,
Where present from itself is pressed
And time unwatched freely winds
In labyrinth.

Cross the dusk sky
Bird by rule--
A skein of memory,
In sleep surcease.

17 March 2009

When the knife comes
Is that the edge and it must
Ever due that point
And division blunt,
It is an air of stone
Noumena of absence,
Of what is and will not be.

14 March 2009

07 March 2009

Oh longing-- it is as breath drawn--
What did the tree dark speak of dusk--
One strains to hear, not listening
To shadows that may be giant--
Such a pulse! Is it hidden there?
The branches vein of paler night?
It must be you so far away.

02 March 2009

In the morning glass of trains'
Affinity for reflection
Is nature alike in held and holder--
The narration's stuff for author and actor;
Mirror's flash of sun for the other.