30 January 2011

An abbreviated sensorium's
Of desire part-
What's wrought in sense's unwrought
In desire's narrow art.
A focus wants excess
To wide a border make
About what's wanted and the rest,
Less part in partial's sake.
New-shadowed is the world outside
When a world is lit in one,
Blind or deaf without demur
If there be a second sun.

23 January 2011

The tree in a field of snow-
What continues?
In the stillness
Signs of motion pock the crust-
A small-pawed past made future
To the present eye.
What continues when the snow receding
Makes tongues upon the earth,
And the unfigured air's the sublimated signs
Turning now to what is once?
A still unravished hour before those intervening,
But memory's yet to come.

12 January 2011

The difficulty of the information
Is interstitial-
The lightness of its complexity
In another's eye's reflection,
Is to its bearer a grave teleologic
Wing of ached tautness.
Young lady, flight speaks
When words are scattered light,
The insubstantial air
Both tells and shows
Your due weight.

03 January 2011

The pleasing curves of snow
Old as wind
And arcs of sun
In flares of white that counterswerve
And terrace
To vortices that round a square
And dune aridity in shapes of song,
And purpose the eye's music,
Summon one, a degree in the round.