31 March 2012

A photo of a hat
And its face
That takes unseen for seen.
The shell's the frame,
And appurtenance host,
And least interior, most.

24 March 2012

Let me the strewn tarots gather
Of fear and anger like unkempt
Hours at hazard fallen.
In hand gathered,
An inconsequential weight.

13 March 2012

A season is turning in
And nods above the last leaf:
A frame of sun alive
In a sheen of wood
That moves stillness.
Sleep, season,
Your book is done,
Memoried by those weathering still.

05 March 2012

Is a motion assailed
By another a way contending
Most mutually created.
Start's necessity,
Creatured in poised thought
And servant limb;
Anvil and bell of all quality.