28 January 2007

She is self-enclosed.
She rode the el
Mindless of the track
The parallel steel; her hair
Wind-drawn now on the platform,
Blurs her gaze over the shops
And yellow outposts
On the sidewalk of 200th street.
Indifferent in, amidst a murder of
Rooks--spectral and callous teamed--
Ether she is there, absent,
Yet the steps walk down to the street.

25 January 2007

A Berman film depicts
A god of pain.
The babe's name is milk.
And strawberries
In a rude god-given bowl.
And an instant of peace
With human glances exchanged
Turns god-like to death.
There it is done, a final
Reverent contemptuous exhalation.


06 January 2007

I took a soporific, as a gesture--
The bed was pale in the Greek light, slatted
Sheets shadowed thus:
An imagined blue.
Pale steps morned with dew
And a pallid sensorium.
The table and chair.
The edge of shaken conceit
Framing slap-dark American 16:9
Necessitating assumption.