29 July 2009

Was absence once
An unexpected hour--
What detachments compose
A landscape, a view--
The cicada ghost of sound
Rising, dying,
Her voice the empty pause.

25 July 2009

To share this frame's improbable
With a start-eyed bird,
Who'd language me upon sleeping
If there was a word.
What identifying symbol
Fills interpretation's need?
Assessment in its glance
Sized me with better speed.
A slightness in its person
Held all of my estate,
Synchronicity's but an emblem
Of our partnership in fate.

20 July 2009

Being in it with wind on face
Felt like mortality--
Wind slipped by fellow sea;
Brief impediment I stood,
Sand shod,
In garment snapped pennants of boundary,

Encroached upon desolation--
And a salt eye
In turn encroached
By this border's harbinger of an echo
Of a state forgot.

17 July 2009

A walk into morning
Seems names for motion and slant time
On skin and eye and thought,
Yet too, itself unwitnessed--
Unwitnessed to itself.
Interloped and partnered
You shadow of a grassy blade,
Now blade and shadow incorporate,
Impertinent to parsing thought.

13 July 2009

From an asterism in the heart
Crossed by compass
As coined patterns,
Or tossed stars by hazard lined,
Is goddess or hero by determination made
And explication of nothing crafted;
If nature make a circle round
Sensation's children's liberty's unsound.

04 July 2009

Tired of London
And the simulacrum of days
Once breathed.
Small things a largness makes
Consonant with the sum--
In one touch all love;
In a multitude the prisoned self.