26 June 2009

Dark this pearl as night rain
In perception about a grain
Of seeming sound grown water drop
Round, a phantom of what is--
Yet wholly world misthought:
Pre-judgement's paste was bought.

22 June 2009

This primal calm
Was a void of potence
As longing ere absence--
Whilst in embryo inevitability
That stillness of motion, time,
As one ruffle
Beguiled what it was by silence.

14 June 2009

The constellated tones
Made organ notes by eyes
So thought become
A school roofed by night,
And stars lectures
With mouths of light:
In naught but invention
Lies unfettered will--
A spurious perfection
All nature shuns--
Morality's clockwork's
But the ticking orbits of suns.

07 June 2009

The heart of the father lies always in darkness--
Unsinewed at need,
Unneeded at strength;
In time's sightless border pent.

03 June 2009

Fruit of a feast of idleness--
Her escutcheon amidst the pale,
To pale appetite this vison fed--
Needless is more in velleity's bed.
No outward flourish
But still-limbed beguilement
In private shadow reposed,
And affection touchless disclosed.