30 May 2013

Will not debate the question of this straw
Of death for all death is causeless;
All unfolds as it is,
Every atom a god.
Infinity is nowhere that we breathe,
No cause and effect but occasions
Like a finger in a pool.

23 May 2013

Save that cigarette for later
She said
With gathering solidity
Till the earth's spin
Seemed in it,
As if from deep sleep tossed
Into the first unknown.
How hardly fleshed are we
Who with the hours joust
And make the time our condition.

05 May 2013

The present is another life
Than one that's long past due,
What was fixed is missing,
What is here is you.
Imagined as a blade of grass
In a winter's field of snow,
Is such sharp delineation,
But not a one you know.
Sufficient to yourself
Is its imagined foreordained,
Made consequent by time,
So imagined, explained.