23 August 2012

Driven and derided
By vanity in youth
In age by desire
Is nature most wanton
Is nature at the top of her reach
To jostle with the fore-acted unseen.

17 August 2012

With chemical acuity
Heard the cicadas skeeting
Encircling fire twist
A bay of trees.
The dusk was startled.
Was there an electric
The robins still?
Then as a top's nervous precession
Winded the sound down a circle of circles,
Down into an absence.
A bird flew to the silent tree.

02 August 2012

It is well to desire this
Construal of events:
Want is prologue to what's undone,
And the nameless future's
Given the name of one
That like a massy object curving space,
Bends brick and sky about a face
That knows this kindred perturbation.