30 October 2009

Fold back the years, book them down
To recollection's inconsequence,
A smallness in hand,
With brevity's false axioms leaved--
While we make time's still front
And with discandied sentiment
Elsewhither from this precipice gaze.

21 October 2009

The whorled race of silver
With motion paused,
And without, cool potence
Of apex, curve, topped, bent--
Mirror latent in tree shade
Of its courses winding.

18 October 2009

Slipped on the balance once
To find unheld its iron weight,
And iron-borne a public rate.
Assumed aslant another scale
Whose needle was more fine,
As easily mismeasuring
A personal estate.

11 October 2009

The epiphany of the desktop
Unsought yet beheld
In the co-opted sun of thought
Is the needful clutter of purpose
To foreordained end:
No blank to stay by small devices,
Or calenders fondly marked
For spanless continuance.

02 October 2009


Let me not in others
My own opinion fix--
As a moon by reflection gauged--
But of grooves and peaks qualitied,
And shadows to itself vouchsafed.