28 September 2009

Van Gogh's sower in the sun
Strides a suicide's field
In his harvest planning
By the turn of numbered days.
These opportunity birds will ensky the report,
Clacking the sudden air.

26 September 2009

The key to all mythologies
Lies not in the past--
Stranger locks
Close temporal chimeras.
You stand in the sun.
Marjoram is for midsummer; for middle age:
How do you spell yourself to yourself?

24 September 2009

Lady in thy oracles
Be all my pasts remembered
As trifles of the time
Upon s pupil negligent practiced,
Small sanctimony adhering.

21 September 2009

Sleeping light and certain shadow
And transience made a stone
Is a future self undone.
Antecedent to the completion
Of the stuff I have to hand
Is the hour of my hand's devising
Unlooked come to a stand.
Bloodless day to dawn wind stirring
The blades of warming grass
Have a valedictory taint--
The grass stirs still.

13 September 2009

Was one of those excursions
Like first light random-shaped
By airs local and large,
Now interwove with this earth and sea's margin,
Our beach,
Reed and water scored to desultory words
Of sand and mist granular alike
To partial selves by love encrypted,
By affection ope'd.

09 September 2009

It is ___ but not
By Narmada such color it is a dream
Of confounding suitability--
Garment of folded wing,
A current of sun has bled
Your red and gold into the air,
And rippling Rewa joins the sky--
At earliest dawn, yet alone,
Would it be thus?
Or, to wash the water with hand and foot--
To be reverenced by a deity.

05 September 2009

In imagined contests
Animals, rare in judgement,
Tip social scales, and victor,
With self-praise warm,
Or cellphone laurel,
Conjure up scrupulous fears--
Animals, rare in judgement,
Make tokens character,
To slough the brunt of recognition,
To hide upon the skin,
To change one hour for the next.