31 August 2008

In a byway was the center found
In the epiphany of a stone;
In the whimsical span of a water bead,
The conjecture of another room.
A parole is given to the regnancy of breath,
And respite taken from atmosphere voice, sea motion, the gull crossing in air.

27 August 2008

Nebula to a faceted eye
The pool in evening in a chemical light--
The swarm itself a galaxy in small,
A motion's eon to an instant pressed--
Strangely grave
The fancies of the loungers aquamarine,
Somber after a summer labor
Under the slow dark wheel.


19 August 2008

The grass has a flatness, yet single with shadows,
And the water beyond with glints, signs, has the pucker of a gull calling a wave to focus,
And the fence, against the terror, just so--
Grass, fence, water alternating in essence,
Eye, and shadow-casting form complacent.
O, summoned tableaux!
As careless of a sum as continuity imagined.


15 August 2008




In this visual field there are many things,
Trees and such, people, light,
That need no accounting,
All in completeness and one may weary of it
To death--the distillation of time behind the eye
Become tongue bitterness;
Or weightless to thought's matter;
Or lost in the obviate density of the sparrows.
I've lost my umbrella that interweaved construction--
I was fond of its articulation.
But a willful obscurity may suffice,
And the leaves, in their tedious sun-seeking.

08 August 2008

I must relinquish the moon tho she was never mine
In this part of a tale or dream
Enskyed in my pocket and I in hers
Strangely bound and free.
Content me now to far observe
In the mutable dark her hand dipped
Making the unseen, light.