30 October 2008

How different in the passage,
Season and eye, of propinquity
To furtive end?
Guarded additions, scroll sky--then--
Hushed discollection.

19 October 2008

Sifted fine--to Diadem--
Mineral Lady--cochineal
Flame of the word
That blinds and sees--
How through wild night
Slant for day--
In thy profane sight
Eyeless tell a way?
Beauty waits--what is--
Oblique--is Adamant.

11 October 2008

Consanguineous with orbits
Are we, and such motions unevented
Yet touched heard
Seen in the effect--
Isis in the kitchen stateless making tea,
And frowning upon a schedule
By our own hand ennumbered.


09 October 2008


Small her finger in the teacup ring;
Yellow horizen, pale magnitude
Of sky in the small round--
In-turning eye--
Of sustaining--conjugate
Time, fear, anticipation
Of hours yet unopened--
Her illegible--
The books stacked--being,
In the margin--
Words, in palm.

02 October 2008

Stay morning today--
Stay--long shadow--
Sun--in your matin pew
Kneel still.
We'll wait--if we may--
For thee-- til noon.