24 January 2010

This season's colors
Reference the house--
Muted yet shapely and strange
Manifestation of interiors?
As plumage to sea-self
Wing's allure,
Form, shadow of a flight's
Elegant necessity.


20 January 2010

At the nexus of spaces
Reciprocal and real
A winter field's a winter sea
Of snow-crested wave
And surge of curving earth
And granular density as ocean-voiced
As gray green depths that sound inevitability.

08 January 2010

Your father's love is yours cast beyond
The touch and heat of it
Into a rumor of adulthood,
A public face, an offer of business:
My valuation, not his;
His is mine.

03 January 2010

Custom is not the gentle rain
To fall on all alike--
The heteronomous child,
Stuffed with learned apologia,
Disagents his grown limb's
Damnation of those given,
And those blessed in taking;
His condign measure's
Finest blade divides the phantom two.