28 December 2009

A Flowerville excursion--
Where all seems in bloom
In this misremembered June.
Did the dark-eyed lady in specs
Take a snap of a rose she'd seen only in prose?
Yes. From which negative, contact-prints
Of petaled affirmation made.
What perfumed desires
Evoked these scented turves of earth?
The cobbled constrictions of place,
Of race, of imbibed inclination.
Now is both a place and time and the same as then.

21 December 2009

The intentions of a winter tree are crafty-pure;
Not to bide, but render the time
With a sentinel dark
Presence of held air and earth:
No hour borne to furnish a white field,
But to moment its standing withal.

13 December 2009

The counted hour bemoans its state--
Jostled by its sequent fellow,
Diminished with addition,
And by an unmoving present moved--
Its breathing fleetness
Become a stone of memory.

07 December 2009

Open umbrellas on the floor
Fragrant lightly of the rain--
The light-voiced air of the rain in the room
At the tense surface of hearing
Charming the books and dust
And a watcher of beads
On open umbrellas.

03 December 2009

What are the minimal requirements
For the beauty and the holiness?
Following the wind
Could these fit in a wave of tree tops?
That sweep to the bay
To the ocean white caps--
Blindness for the holy to see through other eyes;
And beauty to frame what is,
Sea, forest, and all.