23 August 2011

At variance with simplicity
Is the simplest thing:
To open eyes
Having seen before;
Having felt,
To doubt the equivocation of coolness.
The morning bird song's
A feather's-breadth from chaos,
And death a sister who will speak
In the surface calm a summons.

17 August 2011

Toboggan down my redshift,
You lightspeed, you relativity;
I want to ride on your back
And hold horizons in each hand.
We could comove
At a proper distance,
Letting constants smooth
This manifold.
We may agree on an absurdity,
Or digress in a divergency,
Content we all anomalous
In a topology of sense.

10 August 2011

What is a sparrow's
Wing span of hours?
Did she mind the stir
Of cicadas stealing silence?
She'd light at my foot
With sure embassy:
I know you, sir,
Angling a small reacquainting eye:
Family's hungry.
I haven't seen her it's been days,
Days gone by.

04 August 2011

It is a vacancy in one
That makes category destiny,
But smallness is all,
And fate a toy of hubris and fear.
For instant outweighs age,
Measure, faith,
Phenomenal, noumenal.