28 August 2015


Upon a walk about the street,
About the complex borders
Of the bricks and flowers
I came upon a sky with moon,
And the moon was in the park.
And the moon was where it was,
In the park and in the sky
And placed me in my walk to myself,
From the center far offset,
Yet center somewhere else.

20 August 2015


I heard the stars sound when they passed,
It was like that time in LA
Lounging damp in the sun,
Damp and etherized
By the sun and the gin
And the world's voice was a murmur
In my pool-damp ears
And I watched the cars pass on the highway,
On the highway pass and pass
In a sort of silence.

16 August 2015

798 redux

I saw a bird fly in the night,
It seemed that she could see
The nature of a path that was
Invisible to me.
Her wings wrought finest gossamer
In the space between dark and light,
Where my eye was overcome
By the blankness of its sight.
Vermilion was created twice,
The second at her cost,
A hue that she encompassed
For all her love that's lost.

08 August 2015


Be something prevalent
Of your inner presence
When friend or acquaintance call,
Or stranger, more,
And more so, lover;
Let its coherent strength
Still reveal itself then:
To courtesy a measure for measure,
Yet adding to this equal the addition to two;
In contention: the same,
To feel the measure of your anger
That but ever contends with itself
And no other.

02 August 2015

1717 redux

Because the wind is high
I ache to breathe in the space between
What sees and what is seen,
What's thought and what is spoken,
What's cruel and is forgotten.
Because the wind
Is high,
I'd hear it in some venue
Other than the sky.