26 December 2007

My eye was traitor to my affection,
And with sly inversion turned my object's spy.
My subdivisions, winter-tree'd ravens,
Were figments. As hers.
Unmuffle the bell;
And ribboned tree, and open eye.

18 December 2007

A blank screen electric,
Bitter, snow-crust field
Night-set, wind-flat frame
Of a thing sustained
Without a cold-eyed trace.
Still--below--a stratum shift
In now light or next dark:
A new-boundaried state.

14 December 2007

This article is undone to expose
The line of your neck, and time's;
Slender and grave both
And each.
The strain of an hour's reverse and addition
Is diminished by the fine-haired arc;
Yet, pause: an emblem may suffice.



09 December 2007

In the aftermath of day, by the sun's staircase
Lettering down ink-blot cloud,
The symbols fade fine-veined
And in darkness seeping the star steps from
The runner's edge, done:
Event and eye, one.

05 December 2007

It is no thing to understand
Nor thought nor manner
Nor device unmattered
For discretion's sake.
No: tis that ever-unfixed mark,
Motion's measure in slant sense stood.

01 December 2007

In primitive without thought
Of stars underfoot, the silica grains,
The unsyllabled all between our toes--
And in the sun-bent grass the arc of time--
Our eyes on the blue-ruled edge.