29 July 2011

Let us ascertain
The notional space between us.
This one length ideal
Without distance in the air we breath,
Is yet vast in form
In this real one and one;
And these congruent hearts
Cast shadows 'neath the sun.
By this postulate
Is a dimension laced,
That curling the others
Makes a singular place.



28 July 2011

Reference my continuum
For likelihoods
Of suited admiration;
Art is not art
That with the beholder
Bends to behold:
What precedes its own
Fine displacement of a space
Has infinite sides, but one face.

13 July 2011

My eyes are more real than sight,
For all is the fear and nothing is
A thousand suns at night;
Did they all blink out
Were confirmation
Not of voided heaven,
But a heart of darkness
That worlds its own perceiving.
Upon this tissue
Is my palace built,
Within a shore without a sea.

08 July 2011

Amphetamine motorcycle,
Tobacco way,
Above spun pavement immersed
In a stub of self,
Still, thought, for one intensity:
Flying all engaged
At senses' edge.
How splendid my animal heart beats
To surrender.

02 July 2011

Did stop for death
Unaccompanied by herself
In the state born of her going;
My birth's remembrancer,
Who'd in wine the hour retell;
Smalled with years and bent was
Harbingered in youth's
Gracile sleekness.
Large symbol;
Voice that signed bond:
Gone, gone.