30 August 2017


To face the hardship of an hour
The cat was repurposed as a flower;
Smaller and still but for a breeze,
Turning green to gentian with solemn ease.
Petalled claws and whiskered bee
In a vapor were all I could see
For a moment which became an hour
Till the cat reemerged from a flower!

11 August 2017



You could smoke about the parking lot,
And in unexpected marbled places:
A silver ashtray on a column
In a terrace corner.
In the interval was the sea,
The revelers in the palmy sun,
The birds walking about the lobby.
The scent of gin and lime.

21 July 2017


With thunderbolts
Of peanuts am I
From four-storeyed Olympus
Zeus to the mortal squirrels
With seamless eyes.
In wonder they stand upon the sound
Of a certain window opening.

01 July 2017


My august ancestral strands will all to one twine,
To one twine all,
It is a matter
Of time.
My grandfather strolled
In Prague along and puffed at his cigar.
The sky was gray but for an intermittent column of light
And the boulevards met this horizon
And that, at this or another angle,
With a cathedral coherence
Of single intent.
He was content
And took note of nothing beyond this his contentment.
This is who I was before I was born, looking
Idly at the sky.

29 June 2017


The city church
Fronts appointed thrift;
The spiritual man
Hinged slant to the stone presence
Sits astep,
Guised, grimed, he smokes
Hand rolled; Landscape:
A psalm toned distant organ
Is the blue themed addition
To his vesper tot
In pocket.