31 May 2007

As ice, is near-artistry,
The still element impediment
To a pale flame
That burns still in a small room.
This finger's singular grasp
Is sufficient to itself
Yet its compass is a small round
To orbits on a solar plane.

25 May 2007

Vouchsafe yourself your soul your hidden memory,
Your ungarmented being's wardrobe--
Frayed, mended, or new-fashioned selves--
Kept in closet.
And in that instant be perhaps
The sand on a beach patterned by a rain.

22 May 2007

Intimacy in fancy, the ether touch on elbow
Tiding in a winter beach.
Youth's summoning grace,
A memory surfeit.
Wine dark-glassed alone,
A bent assay.

19 May 2007

In the loss of affection one finds
The mirror's seeming distortion
true in its warp.
Co-mingled regard dissolved,
And this distillation in the glass beheld,
There seems a diminution in sight.
Dual apprehension divided:
The remainder a bent single vision.

17 May 2007

Without, it is motion's time--
The measure of bounded space
Breeding seconds in the magined points' traverse.
Within, illusioned stillness mocks itself--
In the boundless confine
Something unstill prevails.

11 May 2007

It's salutary and normal
To sin in religion as others do
As others trembling laugh
And pray and pay their living
From fear's thick purse it's normal
And salutary in guilt to lose one's way; else,
Nature's unruled sheet guideless rules.

05 May 2007

Matter undreamt, and dreams more
To undo to surrender; to forgive
The hard light columned, the sharp blossoms that cut
And draw red finger's coils--
That coin and hello
That dull-eyed queue
That formulation of banal catastrophe:
A coffee, a token, a strand of wicked hair.