31 January 2009

There's more time than life
In stone or expectation;
See the moon and not its sailing--
The stars will turn without you.

29 January 2009

Metacarpus, epidermis,
Advises all matters five dollars,
And such untrialed whorls--
By practice forepractice told,
By pattern, pattern made--
Let saints and lawyers prate
Upon a parchmented hand;
What's found is undiscovered.


22 January 2009

Fixed by the sun your eye
'Gulfed me in your proxy self--
Brow of sky and sea-winged
Limb horizon-met--
Wide this swerve of beachy hip,

Small your citrus-fronded lip.

19 January 2009

Of no more moment
Than a sparrow's wintry hunger,
Or the cessation of breath:
A walk in season--
To cloak an hour's circumference
With air,
To careless brush the mote of years
Crystaled, from its waitless cuff.

10 January 2009

The thread gentian pressed
In tissue is a paler blue
Than meadowed partner dressed
In nature's graceful hue--
Mind, that spectrum's but a mirror,
And all nature's truth contingent--
Tho seeming at the core--
An interpretation's regnant:

Each under each, perceived,

08 January 2009


Cinquefoil sea
Meadow taking me--
Sun-summoned, moon
Five-fingered petal-waved
Conjugate ocean--
In two, one motion.

06 January 2009

The ocean's sea is an island
Whose unsubstanced consequential edge
Bends with the remover
To remove.
No pebbled shore marks these hours and weeks,
But the self-same brine's unpurposed scend
Unstills the still beholder's eye.

04 January 2009

The starch sea
Lines in hazard that
Hitch mid-stroke--
Away calls to
In coins
Of fountains clipped, sprays
Of jet in manifold desire:
Home caress in duty's
Covert transfer, gems
Of paste as warm.