27 February 2007

A stone lies on the beachy shelf,
Its sand pedestal fed and eaten
By the obedient curving wave.
In the lacunae of the habitual
Is a chance thorn among millions,
And the drop pricked there may fabric
Cove, sand, wave, sky, and all.

18 February 2007

The meaning of a strand of hair
Is not, and is not in the eye.
The words that would carriage a reflection
Slough intention:
There is nothing in that still pool--
But undue specificity,
A diffraction of seeming.

14 February 2007

The physiology of the heart rests on the page
And its motions are painstakingly clear.
In the chambering lamplight four birds flutter
To a shout in the street and the unanswering day.
Insufficiency: a swimmer in the ever-turbulance
Must struggle thus, but nothing more.

11 February 2007


It's an illness when looking at the sky
Having one but thinking of the next--
What is it, without words?
A nausea of longing
Engendering blankness.
Unperceived: the thud of a distant storm
And a horizon's shadowing flash.

06 February 2007

What matters is the weight of sense,
Memory's false remorse.
The pine without scent, color,
Without sharpness.

No burial nor summation
But the sun turns
The shadow of a blade of grass.

What is.
A marble with a name in a field,
And a starling's plod gait and dart.