24 September 2007

The smallest world
Is a circle too
Encircled too with stars
And rounded too with time,
Distance availing inversed.
Photons as selves is a weary
Conceit on your north skin,
Ensconced in 3-mirrored sin in grace emerging.
Being there,
Termed in emergence,
And infinity twist, to oh.

15 September 2007

One more cigarette, three then,
While the shadows stand still as the sun
Still as dark flakes of stone
Not strewn but solid blots of earth worn through the pavement--
Unlike my sensorium cruelly curling as the smoke,
Finding motion in the still air,
Disyielding in its unweighted nature:

Not without the earth but woven in,
With, of, notion and light.

08 September 2007

Local conditions show little
But to eyes of touch and fingertips of sound.
Heed the blood whisper
In intricate isolation's channel night.
And move the stars with a glance
And surrender cold to unfelt light.


01 September 2007




In the disagency of stillness
Cicadas evening the tree, its green memory
And darker shadow.
It is night standing, dreams leafed waiting,
Edged still with foregone sun,
Ricked with insect agenda,
Unvoiced voice of dark.