30 May 2012

What terror to hold an angle
Of oneself that but itself
It sees:  it outscales death
In time's ceaseless present,
When breath's unwarranted
As well as all in all.

21 May 2012

Twixt eye and day
Is complicity;
The inscape of the seer
Is writ in what is seen:
So will a leaf and blade of grass
Wink to a passerby,
And a confederate tree
Lean to shade the sun.

12 May 2012


The daughters of Puerto Rico are playing handball in the schoolyard;
Their limbs flash in noon light.
In an island in a city
There claps a sound of life in small palms
Like a truth recognized:
Their voices, their breath,
Their shouts of joy and contention,
Are suns and shades;
A bond and trick of memory.