25 May 2008

Maria pale on the paler plains
That shipped a sail white on black
To the sky-bound eye
On Imbrium and Nectaris.
The scend of due gravity wove
A song, eye symphonic,
Solar wind for a tint of silence.


Anonymous said...


First - I'm having a good laugh over your comment a few posts down regarding "hay" .... isn't there some prosaic statement regarding making hay while the sun still shines .. ??
- thanks for the smile.

Second - a commenter once mentioned the use of sonics regarding one of my poems. I never truly understood the term - but your poem here reminded me of it .... so i googled poetic sonics and yep, you've made good use of sonics here!

Third - love the pic. It reminds me of Joni Mitchell's lyrics in the song Amelia ..... the hexagrams of heaven ....

fabulous, as always
lady blue

mark said...

thanks blue

shooting star said...

now this is wow!!!!!!