26 November 2022


In my grandmother's house
Will be her words unheard
Whose voice was sensibility;
Will be murmurs without
Her florescent sanctuary
That hold a scent of grace
In present memory.
A neon halo stayed her head
To be wove in recollection
Too, such wonders, Coca-Cola,
Fixed, a constellation breathing.



18 October 2022


The abstraction of the garden
Skips to the kitchen sill
Recapitulating yellows
Grove greens, then threads of sand
As interstitial flags
In the stones to the sea.
Magnolia and cobalt petalled
Fans of forget-me-nots
Alternate blades of steel and glass.
Cape jasmine, made light,
Reflects veins of fire
On the beams and crossed wood.
Ocean violet tempera
Washes like troubled sleep
From the shore to the rippled walls.
Rosemary, for remembrance,
Unsifted by her weeks and years,
Turns the room of the world
Into this one; the first moment,
The last one.

16 September 2022



A fiddle with the procedure
Leaves ladies-in-waiting wilting
Through unstudied hours;
Schedules the undiscovered
For present complacence;
Topples cathedral towers
In a faithful flaw;
Warps the fabric of a bespoke
Conception, scored just so.

04 August 2022


The cat as talisman:
Flower but no flower,
He endures reflection;
The narcissi are clawed in peace.
Shield from expectation:
His eye is native to his heart
And blind to the beating hour;
His what's to be is past.
Exemplar of indifference
This atemporal beast;
In his mirrored soul a tower
To shadow any care.

21 June 2022


Having the sky and needing it too
Like a sailor lost at sea
'Customed to horizons
But not eternity;

That sets his sheet by compulsion
Aslant the wanted point
To leave ajoint the misconception
Of reflection in a glass.

01 May 2022


Nature's imp, a fragility
Lights my sleep's hid conceits
Like a noon at midnight;
A bedded thought to block the sun,
And a shadow to touch my arm:
This long day's day is done.

23 February 2022


In this behavioral suite
An eager peevishness
Rooms youth undone;
Pointless exactitude
Scrapes at sufficiency;
A fearful retrospection
Is penance in a broken door.
What sere dream of abandonment
Bent this stained and polished floor?


30 January 2022


An inconsequential illness
After a period
Proved a comma in a sentence
Of the narrative in
That slighty armature:
What's seen becomes your own
In a very small place.
Outside is a different hour
Wide in its careless space.

26 December 2021


Ever on the edge:
On the verge of innocence
When shadows uncalled for
In perspective lie unfelt;
Til reflection on a border
Bends it,
Measurement veer the line,
And what's between is mine.

25 November 2021


Punctilious this fear
That knocks at its hour
With a spectral writ;
Quick proceeder!
Of myself
Author and deliverer.

08 September 2021


Each moment with its fellow joint
Makes a present curiously wrapt
With every yesterday;
Till the enclosing ribbon
Has weightless run its way.

14 August 2021


Pervious to sparrows,
Who leave seeds in my pockets:
To unpointed minutia,
That knots into myself;
Memory, that tends what I see,
Too the just past, that suits my brevity.

05 June 2021


At the intersection of memory
And its making partners
Of the moon and circumstance
Stands solitude's totem,
To which the sun itself is correspondent,
Though it be but a sand of recollection,
A dim vespers to a festival
Of the figured I. 

23 April 2021



I live by the way
When not looking but
At the cat's green eye,
The heavy snow and wall of sky,
And maybe Bruegel's hunters trudging by
On the way to eternity
Borne with a patient eye
As weightless as the snow and sky.